Be part of the movement, sustainable fashion. Entrepreneurs changing the world's perception of tendencies. 

– Back to Basics –

¿What are sustainable practices?

Our sustainable practices are every action in which we must keep in mind how we live as a universal community in the physical sense and everything that surrounds the Back to Basics experience. These sustainable practices can be seen in the “patient tendency” concept where the process of production takes longer with the resulting product being one that last longer, helps and respects those involved in the direct process, and maintains global sustainability as an ethical stand for more than just marketing.

Sustainable Fabrics

Organic cotton is the new era of textiles. Cotton plants that are incredibly resistant to insect attacks, which means pesticides can be omitted which are so harmful to the environment. in the movement on cultivation the planting cycles are respected with crop alternations which allows the ground to rest and continue to produce for future generations.

Sustainable Packaging

Why use packaging that can’t be reused? NONE OF THAT! Keep our sustainable packing which you can reuse for a variety of things. And our eco-bags aren't just reusable, their sustainability also comes from the materials they are made with, natural and 100% biodegradable. Even our boxes are made from recycled and reusable materials. We love the color of recycled materials!

Sustainable tags

When we give our products tags, it is with the intention of telling our customers about us and to share an incredible story. But that doesn't mean we should create an added damage to our planet, that is why our tags our made with recycled materials.