Back to Basics promises a different, casual and easy going lifestyle. Against modern ideals, the minimalistic and fresh characteristics of our brand are a distinctive pattern in the closet and routine.

The brand seeks to remind people the feeling of going Back to Basics.


Back to Basics started as a Senior Graduating Thesis project by one of its founders while attending CESA School of Business. After a year of hard work and dedication the time and passion invested created the start up you see today. Eventually, it became a part of her daily life. In June of 2014 Mariana Arbelaez asked Daniel Rodriguez, her partner and fellow CESA classmate to undertake the project with her. Together they have quit their day jobs and made the conscious decision to dedicate all of their time and efforts to this project. Their knowledge and passion have led them to pursue a dream where fashion meets sustainability and create a brand that speaks to its customers, reminding them how important it is to feel the basics.



Be part of the movement, sustainable fashion. Entrepreneurs changing the world's perception of tendencies. 

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